Sunday, June 1, 2014

J. Turns 2

This little nugget started his special day off with a photo shoot from M.  

He looks so big - he is big, and pretty tall for his age.

These two have a pretty cool relationship.

I guess the pictures are out of order:

Opening presents with a two year old can be an exercise in patience for older siblings.

J. has joined the Lego Club with his own legos.

We got right into them, which is one of my favorite things that toddlers do when opening presents.

J. got his own scooter!  A green one . . 

The morning started off with birthday pancakes and candles!

Then off to the zoo.  The kids were home because it was spring break.



squeezes for the birthday boy

and of course, the carousel. . . . a family favorite

Happy Birthday little man - I can hardly believe it has been two years!  You have brought so much into our lives and we are better for it!  You have the best personality.  You are pretty passionate about balls and sports, you are very active, and you LOVE to keep up with the big kids!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Break 2014

I drove to Moab with my dear friends and ran marathon #6

It was so gorgeous and I'm already planning when I can get our family out here!

I finished in 1:54 - same as always.

I spend a lot of time with just this guy so we get a little crazy, sometimes.

During spring break - this was my primary class:

Ready to eat - J. ate a bowl of caramelized onions waiting for the rest of the food.  No one else got any.

We went to a jumpy place during spring break:

J. wouldn't let I. out of his sight.

G also got his jaw expander removed and his retainers put in.  This is how he feels about laying off the gummys for the next couple of years:

We didn't do much during Spring Break because of our big trip in May.  The highlight was Daddy coming home early with some new Lego sets and spending an entire afternoon building.

They could stay in this room with him forever!

J still cuddles with me like a little baby.  I still like it.

We babysat these twins for a couple of hours - M. loved it!

During Spring Break, the weather is often hit and miss.  When it is right, though, you can bet we'll be outside!

More pictures of my primary class:

Leprechaun Traps

we have been making traps for several years now.  

We didn't catch the Leprechaun, but he did bring us Lucky Charms - and turn our lunches green!

Our crazy kid: