Monday, August 4, 2014

M's Kindergarten Graduation

She did it - she's done with kindergarten and LOVED it!

Kind of hard to see her singing her little heart out - top left of the risers.

She led the entire kindergarten in the procession - big stuff, I tell you!

I get so teary seeing them in these hats - it's like she's a teenager with a blink of my eye and I am overwhelmed by how awesome she is!

These two - they just get each other.  I could not have asked for anything more in a kindergarten teacher for M.

Plus, having your BFF in class makes for a pretty terrific year.

Classic hug - I have so many shots of these two pressing their cheeks together and squeezing as hard as they can!

I can just picture these two as seniors in high school - hopefully not much has changed!

Easter 2014

Why do Holidays have to come and go so fast? 

At the church easter egg hunt, J. got in on the action this year!

M. loves it - even if she can't eat half the candy.

G. just played catch with the youth - who cares about eggs?

We decorated eggs

It is pretty serious stuff:

Wobboly . . . . 

Easter bunny brought bats for the boys, an alarm clock for I. and a wii game for M.

This could turn out not good . . . 

The eggs were hidden outside:

We did all the music for sacrament meeting, I. sang a solo, and we went to Holly and Jimmy's for dinner.  Happy Easter!

Pikes Peak Field Trip

G. took a field trip to the top of Pikes Peak and I was asked to chaperone.  We rode the "train" up to the top.

The conductor got out and made a snow ball and handed it to G.  He was the only one in all of third grade who got it and he felt pretty cool.  He kept that thing the whole trip.

It was a beautiful ride and pretty cold at the top.  We ate lunch and then rode back down.

You can see forever!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

J. Turns 2

This little nugget started his special day off with a photo shoot from M.  

He looks so big - he is big, and pretty tall for his age.

These two have a pretty cool relationship.

I guess the pictures are out of order:

Opening presents with a two year old can be an exercise in patience for older siblings.

J. has joined the Lego Club with his own legos.

We got right into them, which is one of my favorite things that toddlers do when opening presents.

J. got his own scooter!  A green one . . 

The morning started off with birthday pancakes and candles!

Then off to the zoo.  The kids were home because it was spring break.



squeezes for the birthday boy

and of course, the carousel. . . . a family favorite

Happy Birthday little man - I can hardly believe it has been two years!  You have brought so much into our lives and we are better for it!  You have the best personality.  You are pretty passionate about balls and sports, you are very active, and you LOVE to keep up with the big kids!